Let's Be Honest

Many agencies say "we put creators first" but so few know what that actually means.

We understand the pressures to never take a break.

The time consuming negotiations and work on content production.

The amount of time it takes to make a "small change" in your videos.

The balance between creating authentic partnerships while staying true to your audience.

We know creators because we're built by creators.

This isn't a talking point. This isn't a marketing tactic.

Our goal is simple. MANA wants to be your resource so you can use all of your abilities.

This is MANA Talent.

Creator Owner | 14.1M Subscribers


Charlie aka Penguinz0 aka MoistCr1tikal started his channel on youTube when he was 11 years old. As of today he has over 16 million followers across all platforms and has cemented himself as one of the titans of both YouTube and Twitch. Charlie is often referred to as one of the most genuine and thoughtful creators and ensures that the company always maintains the same “creator first” principles.

Creator Owner | 4.85M Subscribers


Gina, most affectionately known as Gibi to her 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, began her ASMR channel during her senior year at Northwestern University. An avid and longtime consumer of ASMR, Gibi wanted to integrate her love for cosplay, creative video, and immersion into a then very niche community on YouTube. Over 6 years and almost one thousand videos later, Gibi has helped champion ASMR to where it is today.

Creator Owner | 1.57M Subscribers


Back in 2016 JimmyHere stumbled into the world of content creation by creating the viral meme “It is Wednesday my Dudes” on Vine. Since then it’s been looped over 83M times on Vine and garnered over 35M+ views on YT. Currently, Jimmy has concentrated on building his content on Youtube & Twitch, amassing over 1.3 million subscribers and 300k+ followers respectively.


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Our goal is simple. Be honest. Care about who you work with. Work tirelessly to develop prosperous, long term relationships between brands and creators. No BS, no preaching, just good old-fashioned integrity.

Creator Services

From sponsorships and merch to legal advice and brand building — we manage the business side of your career.

Brand Services

We may be creator-first, but you have to be successful too. Long-term relationships with great brands is what every creator wants. In turn, you want to run successful campaigns. That means for everyone to be happy, we match you with creators that have relevant and engaged audiences that will drive results.

MANA Impact

In 2022 MANA launched its Impact division, a department exclusively focused on combining creators with giving back to communities in need. In less than one short year since its inception IMPACT has already successfully ran two fundraising campaigns raising a combined total of over $146,419 for organizations in need.

MANAthon - DEC 2022

In Dec 2022, kicking off the launch of IMPACT, Charlie, Gina and Tyler, MANA’s founders spearheaded the first campaign. Working together on a two day Holiday streaming relay the team had a goal to raise $100,000 for the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Altogether, the livestream had a combined 63,848 hours of watch time while raising over $110,000 for their goal.


MANAthon - AUG 2023

In Aug, 2023 Make-A-Wish and MANA IMPACT teamed up to support their Summer of Wishes initiative with the aim to help Make-A-Wish hit their $50,000 goal. 13 ASMR Content Creators on Mana Talent’s roster participated as a team in “Summer of Wishes” collectively raising over $36,000, a staggering 58% of the “Summer of Wishes” total goal. On average each creator who participated raised 71% more than their goal proving what power creators have to make a difference.


Creators Involved: TipToe Tingles ASMR, Catplant ASMR, Busy B ASMR, Goodnight Moon (integration and Twitch stream), ASMR Shanny (YT stream), Sarah Lavender ASMR, ASMR Glow, RaffyTaphyASMR, Rapunzel ASMR, ASMR Jas, The ASMR Ryan, Amy Kay ASMR, Marno ASMR,

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